About the complex

Balneo & Recreation Center Terme Gracanica

Recognizable for its pools with thermo-mineral water, it is located in the valley of the Spreča river, 500m from the main road Doboj-Tuzla.

It is located on the right bank of the Spreča river, in a beautiful natural environment, full of greenery and pleasant shade.

Thanks to this complex, Gračanica became known as the center of spa and recreational tourism.

This recreation center contains three pools with thermo-mineral water: outdoor swimming pool, covered swimming pool and the indoor pool.

The water temperature in the indoor pool is 37°C, and in the other two it ranges from 30 to 33°C, depending on the external conditions.

Spa and recreational tourism

The complex also contains accommodation capacity in the form of bungalows. These are mini wooden houses, perfectly integrated into the natural environment. Each house contains two beds and a mini terrace with a view of the swimming pools. Everything is arranged in harmony with nature to provide a complete atmosphere and rest to our visitors.

Our visitors can also refresh themselves with food and drinks in our restaurant, and for complete enjoyment and relaxation there is also a mini spa center with a massage area and a sauna. There is also a huge parking space right next to the complex.

Composition and characteristics of water

The thermo-mineral water from our well, located in the complex itself, comes from a depth of 330m and has a temperature of 38°C at the source, which puts it in the group of hyperthermal waters.

According to its composition, it belongs to the group of hypermineral waters with a high content of calcium, sodium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, and dissolved CO2. It is rich in silicates, iron and effective microelements, as well as hydrogen sulphide and fluorine. According to the pH value, it belongs to slightly acidic waters.

The water has been certified by a number of eminent institutions during the history.

A good feature of this water is that, due to its composition, it is not a suitable medium for the development of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, and it is extremely important because of the protection against infections of our visitors.

Advantages of thermo-mineral water

According to the balneo-chemical composition, this water is the basis for balneomedical use, primarily in the form of baths.

Its basic action is based on the medicinal properties of hydrogen sulphide, which is quickly transported percutaneously to vascular structures and embedded in loose connective tissue, muscle and cartilaginous structures, acting anti-inflammatory.

Hydrostatic thrust and pressure are also important therapeutic factors in the hypothermic milieu for conditions after injuries, rheumatic diseases and peripheral nerve damage.

This water also has an anti-inflammatory effect in gynecological diseases, and in skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Based on its composition and bacteriological correctness, this water is also suitable for drinking in small quantities in cases of gastric, liver and bile duct diseases, as it enhances biligenesis causing choleretic and cholagogic effects, also acting to reduce blood sugar, but under the supervision of a doctor.

Indications for the use of thermo-mineral water of the Terme complex