Balneo & recreation center Terme Gracanica

Recognizable for its pools with thermo-mineral water, it is located in the valley of the Spreča river, more precisely on the right bank of the Spreča river, in a beautiful natural environment, full of greenery and pleasant shade.

This area, especially the narrower part of the town Gračanica, attracted the attention of geologists at the beginning of the 19th century.

In 1824.

The first historical data about usage of thermo-mineral water in the Gračanica area date back to 1824. With the approval of the Ottoman authorities, the French geologist Ami Boue in 1836. stayed in this area and was the first who record the appearance of thermo-mineral water and sorrel.

In 1919.

By order of the Austro-Hungarian authorities, the geologist Friedrich Katzer stayed in this area, and in 1919. conducted thematic geological research. He confirmed the existence of thermo-mineral water, sorrel and igneous rocks.

After that, several researchers were engaged in these studies: S. Miholić, J. Josipović, Lj. Čvorović, J. Batunić, N. Miošić and J. Bać, whose work refers to thermo-mineral water.

In 1970. – 1985.

In recent times, the first drillings and tests were carried out in the period 1970 – 1985. by the Geological Institute Sarajevo. The huge hydrothermal potential of this area was proven than and so after in 1985. began with the exploitation of thermo-mineral water and CO2 gas.

In 1992. to 1995.

After the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995), when the municipality of Gračanica was administratively divided, as a performer of reconstruction and development, as well as the exploitation of those resources, TERME ltd. appears.

A group of businessmen from Gračanica, who recognized the potential of using thermo-mineral water for recreation and health tourism, in 2002. drilled a well, and were lucky enough to get large quantities of water of temperature 38°C. After that, they bought the land and built a recreation center that, with its beauty, salubrity and greenery, attracts a large number of visitors every year.